Walk to Create a World Free of MS


Fundraising ideas!!!

If you are stuck on what to do for fundraising here are some really good ideas!

  1. Pot Luck lunch at the office!-Charge people $5 for a plate of food! Can make this a weekly fundraiser.  Different departments can sponsor and make food for different weeks, that way it is not always the same people making the food!
  2. Car Wash!! –Charge people $10 and tell them why you are raising the money!
  3. Corporate Matching Gift- Ask your company to match the amount of pledges you receive!
  4. Theme Party/ Dinner- Hold a party for at least 10 friends and charge people $50, tell them why you are fundraising! Don’t spend more than $20 per guest.
  5. Radio Station Call- Call your favorite radio station and ask them to make an announcement on the air!  They may even interview you. Pledges can be sent directly to the National MS Society.
  6. Mow-a-thon/Shovel-a-thon- Offer up your services for $20 a yard, or $20 a driveway- Don’t forget to tell people what you are using the money towards!
  7. Neighbors!- Write a letter and go door-to-door/mail to all your neighbors and fill them in on what you are doing.  Ask if they can help sponsor you!
  8. Free Rent- Ask your landlord if he/she would donate one month’s rent to the cause!
  9. Ebay- Have an ebay yard sale/ competition between people on your team!  Who can make the most money auctioning their stuff on ebay. 
  10. Talented Friends- See if a friend could perform a benefit concert for MS.  An Artist can auction off a couple pieces of their work and donate the proceeds.  Mass produce Jewelry and ask that some of the proceeds go to the MS Society.
  11. Recycle!!- Not only are you being green, you are raising money for a great cause!  Save your bottle and cans and bring them in to get change.  Start now and you could make a pretty penny!
  12. Dress Down Day- Charge people in the office to pay $1 to dress down every Friday!
  13. Is There A Teacher In The House?!- Get your students to help you fundraise! Kids are very creative, enthusiastic, and convincing!
  14. Sneaker Companies- Contact a few major companies (Nike, Asics, New Balance, etc).  Tell them what you are walking for and ask if they would like to sponsor you for a certain amount!
  15. Start Early- it all adds up! Follow-Up with people, and ask again, and again!  Have A Blast- Show everyone your enthusiasm, how important the cause is to you, and your connection!



There are many more Ideas I’d love to share!!!  Don’t hesitate to get ahold of me to get this fundraising started! Megan.Cote@nmss.org Heck Yes!

Convince yourself and your team to do the 9-day challenge!

How to raise $500 in 9 Days 

Day 1

Start by sponsoring yourself for $25


Day 2

Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $25 each


Day 3

Ask 5 friends to contribute $20 each


Day 4

Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $10 each


Day 5

Ask 5 people from your church/community group for $10


Day 6

Ask 5 neighbors to contribute $10


Day 7

Ask your boss for a company contribution of $25


Day 8

Ask 5 local merchants to sponsor you for $20


Day 9

Ask 2 businesses you frequent for $25 each (doctor, dentist, dry cleaner, etc.)



Do the math and you'll see it's simple to raise $500 in only 9 days!